The Applied Neuroscience Association (ANA) @ King’s Entrepreneurship Institute

A Global Neuroscience Network – Spreading neuroscience for social good.

The Applied Neuroscience Association is working with the King’s Entrepreneurship Institute and academics at the IoPPN to develop a global network of professionals, researchers and students. Together, we aim to accelerate the ethical translation of neuroscience research into practical solutions for real world challenges in healthcare, industry, education and society.  Our members include health technologists, psychologists, roboticists, counsellors, coaches, entrepreneurs, analysts, researchers, journal editors, software engineers, AI specialists, organisational psychologists, therapists, policy experts, and educators.

We are grateful for support and advice from industry leaders in Applied Neuroscience, as well as the many students, alumni and researchers who have joined us at conferences and in doing outreach. We welcome new members, both individuals and organisations.  We are also currently looking for organisational partnerships and sponsors so if you know anyone who may be interested to work with us, please do let us know!

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