At Mabadiliko CIC, we are passionate about creating workplaces and communities that are inclusive and equitable. As a community interest company, our social purpose is at the centre of everything we do. While racial equity drives our purpose, our work takes into careful consideration wider range of identities that experience minoritisation within the UK. We do this through three main arms:
1. We work to make sure that we amplify the voices of those who are often overlooked through our community engagement and research activity. This includes recent studies targeted at Black and Asian communities exploring Obesity, Mental Health, Health Technology, Hypertension, Diabetes and Heart Valve Disease. We are passionate about increasing diverse participation in research and capacity building community organisations so that they can take an equitable leadership role in public health research.
2. We create safe, open, and honest spaces to talk about race, raising awareness about cultural biases and prejudices, driving behaviour change and sharing critical antiracism tools. We do this through our varied, evidence-based Cultural Humility programmes where we help organisations, communities, and individuals on their journey towards creating inclusive and antiracist environments, with equity and good mental health for all.
3. We also provide culturally sensitive emotional support and resilience building tools for African and Asian heritage people experiencing racism and oppression in the workplace and wider community.