Mosaic Clubhouse: A Co-Produced Mental Health Service in Brixton

Mosaic Clubhouse is a community mental health charity based in Brixton. Like over 300 Clubhouses worldwide, we follow the Clubhouse Model to provide activities and opportunties to people experiencing mental health challenges to aid in their recovery. Our service is co-designed and delivered at all levels, and our service users are called members to reflect their vital contribution to the Clubhouse. The Clubhouse is deliberately understaffed to engage the talents and abilities of members in all aspects of the work, which includes tasks as varied as staffing the reception, writing the newsletter, cooking the food, tending the garden and providing support to other members. By providing meaningful work, we engage people to become active participants in their own recovery, and help to build their confidence and skills. Members have the opportunity to be part of Clubhouse decision making through policy meetings and by sitting at board level. On top of the work of the Clubhouse, we provide employment support, advice and guidance, wellbeing & social activities to our members.

As a holistic and multi-faceted service, it can be challenging to ensure that we are capturing data that adequately reflects the individual growth and progress we see every day. Our main method of evaluation is by tracking wellbeing amongst newly joning members, and we have also done work to see if outcomes differ based on demographic factors and engagement with Mosaic. We also analyse data from our yearly member satisfaction survey, and have undertaken a qualitative project to dig deeper into the ways we help our members. We have a newly formed Research Team comprised of staff and members, who are carrying out our evaluation work going forward.